A new spin on dance

Hoopography is a form of  dance that teaches you how to hula hoop by learning fun, sassy hoop tricks and applying them to choreographed routines for hoopers, dancers, movers and shakers of any level.

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Learn more about my original hoop dance choreography program, designed to boost the repertoire of hoopers of all skill levels.  



NEW! A transformational 2 Day hoopdance experience designed to help you strengthen your connection with the hoop. 

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Hoopily Ever After

Get your best girlfriends together for your bachelorette. party and learn a fun, sassy hoop dance routine together BYOB!



I had a private Skype lesson with Morgan right before filming a choreographed, partner hoop routine and her feedback was game-changing. She helped me sculpt my character, gave me pointers for performing on stage, and taught me a couple of sexy tricks. I felt so much more confident with our routine after our lesson. Do not pass up an opportunity to learn from Morgan!

— Ellen Phillips | Memphis, TN

"An incredibly encouraging and inspiring teacher."

Morgan not only teaches easy to learn, badass hoop tricks but she taught us some empowering concepts about self-love. Morgan is an incredibly encouraging and inspiring teacher. In her class, you have no doubt she truly believes in your skills and wants nothing more than to help you develop them.

— Alyxandra Pauline Pickett | Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Hi, I’m Morgan.

I’m a professional hula hoop dancer and choreographer. I developed Hoopography as a way to share beginner and intermediate hoop moves that will build your foundational skills, bring elements of dance into your hooping, and expand your personal hoop style!

YOU CAN HOOP DANCE and I’m excited to show you how!

If you want to know more about my own personal hoop journey, keep reading!

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