Intermediate / advanced students strike a pose after  Hoopography Intensive : Get Low  | Photo by

Intermediate / advanced students strike a pose after Hoopography Intensive : Get Low | Photo by

Hula Hoop Classes Morgan Jenkins


"Learning hoop dance with Morgan Jenkins is like learning to paint with Picasso. She is a visionary and an artist. Her passion and creativity are so inspiring. When she’s teaching, she pays attention to detail and is so great at giving positive and constructive feedback. I had a private Skype lesson with Morgan right before filming a choreographed, partner hoop routine and her feedback was game-changing. She helped me sculpt my character, gave me pointers for performing on stage, and taught me a couple of sexy tricks. I felt so much more confident with our routine after our lesson. Do not pass up an opportunity to learn from Morgan!"

- Ellen Phillips | Memphis, TN

"I have followed Morgan through social media for some time and was excited to learn from her in person. She is as lovely and awesome as you would hope for. She not only teaches some easy-t-learn, badass hoop tricks but she teached some empowering concepts about self-love. Morgan is an incredibly encouraging and inspiring teacher, you have no doubt she truly believes in your skills and wants nothing more than to help you develop them."

-Alyxandra Pauline Pickett | Calgary, Alberta, Canada

PAST Hoopography Workshops & Tickets : 

Looking for a new spin on dance and fitness? Hoopography is the dance class that teaches you to hula hoop! Hoopdance is for women and men of all shapes, sizes, and ages. With my comprehensive in-person instruction and troubleshooting techniques, you’ll be learning new moves without even realizing it, breaking a sweat, having a blast and spinning away with new tricks to astound all of your friends--and even--yourself.

This workshop is designed for intermediate & advanced hoopers who want to get down and dirty with some floor work! We will be covering creative ways to get up & down, foot hooping techniques, floor rolls, floor performance tips, and all while learning some sassy floor Hoopography. These techniques will broaden your hoop skill set, and add levels to your dance!