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Hoop X taught me to turn off the inner critic so that I can listen to that supportive voice and let go of bad energy that no longer serves me. No competition. No negativity. I’m committed to hooping like ME!
— @tippytoes_flows Katie Rose, Los Angeles

Hoop X is a transformational 2-day hoopdance experience. My goal is to strengthen your relationship with your hoop and help you develop and love your individual hoop style. The revolution of your hoop practice begins with Hoop X.

Intermediate/Advanced Level | All Sexes | 16+

First of all, let me just say that this workshop was profound and transformative for me. Knowing Morgan and having taken her classes before had my hopes high...but this truthfully was the best workshop ever! It was fun, it was intimate, it felt safe and completely free of any judgement. With Morgan’s guidence we collectively felt permission to dance freely and authentically and that was amazing and liberating to witness in ourselves and the other participants. The focus and intention for this made it a completely unique experience. I left feeling empowered, inspired, grateful, and as if I has been to a mini hoop retreat. I’m also super grateful for the footage of myself dancing that I got to keep! This was worth every penny...I gained so much from this experience.
— Hannah B. Los Angeles Intensive


Check back soon for 2020 cities and dates!


All the FAQs

  • What tricks will I learn at a Hoop X intensive?

    • Technical hoop tricks will be part of the curriculum but not the focus. Hoop X uses creative dance techniques along with guided flow exercises to assist in unlocking your unique hoop movement. You will certainly walk away with new "tricks" but this is not a tricks workshop.

  • I'm a beginner. Can I come to a Hoop X workshop?

    • You will get the most out of the intensive if you are comfortable moving around with the hoop on your body, and familiar with off body basics such as weaves, isolations, hooping on dominant and non- dominant hands, basic rolls, tosses, etc. Review of these techniques will NOT be covered in the workshop. However, beginner hoopers with a dance background are also a good fit for Hoop X. (Beginner hoop tutorials can be found HERE.) Hoopers of intermediate/advanced skill level will get the most out of the program. Email me, if you are unsure of your level and want to know if Hoop X is right for you!

  • What will we actually be doing for 2 days?

    • You can expect to do a LOT of hoop dancing...emphasis on the DANCE. There will be a lot of improvised, guided flow exercises, along with technical exercises. There will be NO personal filming allowed in the workshops, but there will be professional video footage of each attendee to take home.

  • I'm already an advanced hooper and performer. Why should I come to Hoop X?

    • Hoop X is about putting your inner critic in the corner and falling in love with your hoop flow. Even if you are advanced, it's always healthy to challenge yourself and push the limits of your hoop habits. Hoop X is also perfect for you, if you have felt too comfortable in your own flow, and need new inspiration to take to the stage. Watch the video about this topic on this page for further info!

  • Hoop X is right for you if you have said...

    • I want to be able to dance with my hoop.

    • I want my hoop flow to be original!

    • I want to learn more transitions to move smoothly through tricks.

    • I feel like I should know more tricks for the amount of time I’ve been hooping.

    • I rarely hoop without filming myself anymore.

    • When I perform, I forget all of the tricks that I know and do the same moves.

    • I want to perform, but how do I know if I’m ready?

    • I drop my hoop when people watch me.

    • I spend more time watching other hoopers online than I do hooping.

    • Hooping used to make me happier than it does now.

    • I’ve reached a hooping plateau and I'm stuck.

    • I compare myself to other hoopers.

    • I need help reaching the flow state.

    • I don't like how I look when I hoop sometimes.

    • I want to dive deeper into my practice.

    • I don't know if I'm good enough to perform.

    • I'm obsessed with hooping :)

  • How intimate are Hoop X workshops?

    • The workshop size is kept small, for one-on-one instruction and feedback. Hoop X is a safe, supportive environment where hoopers are free to express themselves and encouraged by all the participants to shine. There will be a zero tolerance for body shaming, age shaming, skill shaming, racism or sexism.  Even hoop-size shaming is NOT OK at Hoop X (or anywhere!)

  • Is Hoop X for all ages?

    • Hoop X is 16 and up. However, if you are under 16....please send me an email and we can discuss special cases who may be a good fit for Hoop X!

  • When will Hoop X come to my city?

    • Hoop X will be offered in very limited cities. You may have to travel to attend a workshop near you. Sign up for the mailing list or shoot an email to and let me know where I should bring Hoop X next!

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